I wondered why so many women during their menstruation felt they had little options aside from painkillers, often reaching for them even when they did not want to. I became interested in finding other options that could alleviate the pain. We all know that heat can relieve many women of pain, but hot water bottles, warm blankets and other options are far from convenient. People have busy days with work, school, children and hobbies. It is not practical to simply take a hot shower, bath or simply relax on the sofa snuggled in a warm blanket.

I decided to make something that provides that soothing, relaxing warmth more convenient.


How does it work?

The heat helps to relax the pelvic floor muscles

There are several types of menstrual pain. Most often women suffer from pain caused by ulterine contractions. Because of this the uterus does not receive sufficient blood supply (the blood that normally flows in our bodies, not menstrual blood).

To relieve such pain, it is necessary to remove tension in the muscles at the given place, to perfuse the tissue and to oxidize it better. Tension can be removed or alleviated in many ways and heat is one of them.

Several studies have confirmed comparable effects of local heat and analgesics (painkillers). However, heat has one huge advantage - it has no side effects.


How does it work?

The bodysuit gently warms up the lower abdomen

The bodysuit is quilted with a special silver thread in the area of ​​the lower abdomen connected to a replaceable battery. After you connect the battery, the silver threads will start gently warming up and the battery can be stored in a small pocket sewn to the side. Because I tried to ensure that the bodysuit is as discreet as possible, the battery pack dimensions are less than 3 x 1.5 x 1 inch (7 x 4 x 2 cm). It provides about 40 minutes of heat on one charge, and thanks to the fact that you get two batteries in the package, you can extend the heating for almost an hour and a half, wherever you are. They can charge as easily as your phone, taking about an hour to replenish fully.

You can wear the bodysuit hidden under the T-shirt, but it is not necessary. Feel free to simply put on a jacket, add your favourite skirt, and head out.


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Moody currently only exists as a prototype, it can not be bought. However, we are working hard on its improvements. If you are interested in the project, or in owning the product itself, please let me know by filling out the questionnaire to the right.

If you know someone who could help us with the production of this magical glass egg, please contact me. Thank you for your help!

What is the story of Moody?


october assignment of the topic 'Addiction' at the Atelier of Design at the Czech Technical University in Prague - research and origin of the idea.

november contacting Lukas Vojtech with a request to consult electrically conductive textile materials in the design of a heating aid.


march presenting the idea and sharing the vision for a warming bodysuit with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

april grant application for TA CR GAMA, Moody - body heating system.

may presentation to the board - Katerina Rydlova and Karel Dusek.

august grant approval.

october formation of the Moody team, I start working on the project in cooperation with the Czech Technical University between its two faculties: of Electrical Engineering and of Architecture and Design.

november testing if the properties of electrically conductive textile materials.


may submission of Bodysuit Moody - Master thesis, functional sample - nomination for the National Award for Student Design.

september Czech Technical University press release - media promotion (Forbes, TV list, Radiožurnál, Metro, Lidové noviny,...).

september - november fine-tuning of the power supply and temperature control.

november end of grant financing of TAČR GAMA.


november new team and development of the prototype.

august prototype testing, optimization of conductive properties, temperatures of the bodysuit, battery pack design.

september exhibition Design helps.

october Designblok exhibition - presentation of the prototype.

Who works on the project?

Kateřina Rydlová

Kateřina Rydlová


project author, designer

Renata Rydlová

Renata Rydlová


bodysuit manufacturing

Tomáš Tichý

Tomáš Tichý


hardware development

Kateřina Hanzalová

Kateřina Hanzalová


volunteer, UX designer

Baška Radeková

Baška Radeková


volunteer, finances and business

Svetlana Rashchupkina

Svetlana Rashchupkina


volunteer, web developer

Lukáš Vojtěch

Lukáš Vojtěch


'Smart textiles' specialist

We are hiring for our team

Thanks to all of you who participated on the project

Atelier Karel / Faculty of Architecture and design- Czech echnical Univerity, Anna Karaivanova, Karel Dusek, Marek Neruda, Vaclav Papez, Sarka Lezakova

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