Emotional Light

I wanted to help people keep the memories of the moment when they find out they are expecting a baby. I started the project with a survey which showed that more than half the women physically shared the positive pregnancy test with a partner or family, keeping it as a reminder of that unique moment.

That was the impulse to design Lumen; a glass egg, which the partners light up with a positive pregnancy test. Together! The light intensity is initially lower, but it gradually increases and reaches its maximum intensity after 9 months.


To a stranger it may look just like beautiful glass lamp. But for you, it is something very special.


Do you know that the light will gradually change colour when the due date is nearing? This is a moment of surprise, just like the first kick.


The glass egg will be a witness and reminder for you and your partner before you feel the baby’s first kick- yes, it's really happening!


The glass egg will help your partner experience, even more, the precious moments with you as the new life grows in you.


And even a long time after the baby is born, the egg can serve as a token of the precious memories and your happiness for you - even if your walls get an unexpected crayon makeover.

The Magic of Technology and the Harmony of Materials

The egg just fits in your palms and because it weighs a pound (500 grams), you can feel its gentle weight even with your eyes closed. It is made solely of glass. Tough but fragile while encouraging care and delicacy to look after it. Inside the egg there is a grounded cavity for electronics and the outside surface of the Lumen is sandblasted to beautifully scatter the light.

The egg is laid on a fine, soft silicone pad, which acts as a charging station. The station is plugged into a socket and the egg is then charged by placing it on a mat.

How does it work?

How do I light up the egg or switch it off?

You will need a paper pregnancy test the first time you turn it on. You insert it into the narrow socket in the charging station. This activates the light and you can then switch it on or off using the touchpad on the charging station. Later, it is up to you if you leave the test inside as Lumen will work even without it. The Lumen will accompany you throughout your pregnancy with the intensity of the light gradually increasing. On top of that the light will begin to move, flicker, or even change color over time.

If you remove the egg from the station the light will stop shining. Therefore, close your eyes and connect with your baby and partner in your thoughts and enjoy at least a few seconds together.


How we experience pregnancy

I could not resist my curiosity and hence I started asking women how they experienced their pregnancy. It helped me better understand for whom I was designing this new product and how my design can serve people the best. Before I prepare a full article with a detailed collection of the charming stories I heard, I want to share at least a few snippets on Instagram.

Can you compare pregnancy to anything else in your life?

It's a life-changing event, I don't think anything compares to it. I've fulfilled a few dreams in my life, but the feeling, when you find out, just can't be compared to anything, it's like something from another world ...


Do you remember the specific words of your partner when you told him you were pregnant?

I just remember coming out of the bathroom and he just looked at me and said, 'You're pregnant!' Then we didn't talk, for a very long time ... We lay down next to each other in bed, looked at each other and breathed ..


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