Hardware developer for Moody Bodysuit

We develop our own electronics for Moody smart clothing. It must be primarily safe and small in size so it can always be worn on the body. We are now fine-tuning it so that it can be CE certified. We assemble and solder them in our office / workshop, with a few single units completed to date.

Do you have experience with the development of electronics for CE certification and are you able to develop + produce electronics in small units? Can you manage this part of the development process yourself?

Time range of work up to 8 hours per week.

Family glassworks for the production of Lumen glass eggs

For the production of the glass eggs, we are looking for a family glassworks that deals with glass blowing + grinding/engraving. We are looking for a glassworks that will become a part of the prototype finishing process and advise us on the choice of technology suitable for the introduction of a small series. This will production will contain 10 - 100 pieces as a limited edition to ascertain possible further interest on the market.

Our goal is to establish long-term cooperation so we can introduces larger seies, expand the collection with color options and much more.

Textile company for small series production of the Moody bodysuits

I am looking for a textile company that specializes in ready-made sewing from knitted material for common specification of sizes and implementation of small-series production of bodysuits.

In the event that the textile company is also experienced with development and production of smart textiles, it is a big plus for future cooperation.

The first serie of bodysuits will be 10 - 100 pcs.

Smart textiles consultant

Are you an expert in smart textiles?

Have you worked on the development of products with smart textiles?

Can you address the challenges with bringing a product using smart textiles to the market?

Working hours upon agreement.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know which position sparked your interest and what your experience is in the mentioned field.

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