MgA. Kateřina Rydlová

I am a designed who specializes in industrial products with a focus on medical devices. I love the rewarding feeling of seeing how well-designed products can improve people’s lives and their health. At the same time it motivates me to continually improve.

I graduated from the Institute of Industrial design at the Czech Technical University. Before that I had studied painting at an arts high school. I like to draw, sculpt from clay and make all the tangible models of my designs by hand. It allows me to test the ergonomics of the product and adds to the rewarding feeling of the design process. But mainly with the shapes in my hand it allows me full control – only then do I start designing in 3D programs, prototyping from 3D printing and creating visualizations so we can best imagine what the final product will look like.


My experience - not only with the medical device design


During my masters studies, I started designing Moody: a battery heated bodysuit, in cooperation with the Czech Technical University and its Faculty of Electrical Engineering and my 'home' Faculty of Architecture and Design.

I understood how extensive the development of an intricate device in direct contact with the human skin can be, and I realized I needed to extend my design horizons with knowledge from the fields of medical technology and user testing.


On the day of defending my diploma thesis, I also became a product designer for Tesla Medical. To be true to my adventurous nature, right after the greatest exam of my life I ran to the meeting - I couldn't miss our first testing.

Together with Tesla’s team we are developing the URIS II device, which is used to treat incontinence. Every day I gain experience with the limitations that apply to medical devices. I continue to improve on 3D modelling and my visualizations are getting closer to reality.


Tesla Medical works with 2FRESH. They help with application development, device testing and understanding our target patients and their needs.

Since I am lucky enough to share the office with them I have gained many helpful skills. I was able to see first hand all that goes into testing, preparing scenarios and in depth interviews and work on applying them myself. I was able to receive priceless feedback on my work and my progress. This has helped me learn from my small mistakes and challenge myself to improve rather than feeling defeated. I have realized how crucial the positive relationships in a team are and how much it reflects on the team’s performance, mood, and the joy of work well-done.

Would my knowledge be useful for you? Care to find out how I can help you with your product?

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MgA. Kateřina Rydlová

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